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As your products take shape through different environments, Moltech has the experience to build each space for its specific needs. From the cold dock to receive your supplies, the positive pressure room, cooler, or freezer for processing, the clean room for cooking or baking, to the blast freezer before being shipped to your customer, we are familiar with what it takes to build these rooms. We build using many specialty products from insulated panels, insulated doors, traffic/impact doors, and sliding doors.

When specific ranges of temperature and humidity and a higher level of cleanness are required in your manufacturing process, the use of insulated metal structures becomes the way to go that offers water, air, vapor, and thermal barrier. The systems are quick to install, easy to clean, and energy-efficient helping to reduce short and long-term costs. Being anti-microbial, insulated metal panel facilities are mold and mildew resistant and with Moltech’s building techniques your facility will last for years to come.

Moltech has worked alongside several processing and manufacturing facilities throughout British Columbia to achieve their processing and manufacturing environmental requirements by building tailored temperature-controlled facilities for their space availability and needs. Moltech has been building those structures for more than ten years now. With a portfolio of more than 200 projects, we know the necessity to build a solution to maximize storage space and meet all your production needs, whether through a cooler, freezer, or any clean and temperature-controlled room.

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